The Global Protest Map: History of the project


This project started in a graduate class on globalization and technology. Our final assignment was to create a project that displayed a technology-related issue impacting people on both a global and local level. For a long time I had been working with gender and space and I was interested in tying these ideas into technological impacts. I wanted to represent gendered spaces and women's reappropriation of spaces. I began by researching areas where women were visible in workplaces involving technology manufacturing. I was interested in mapping women's spaces, specifically in their reappropriation of spaces, both in the mental and physical, and the transfer of power through reappropriation. It seemed like an interesting way of doing this would be to map women's protests around the world as a way of seeing their needs on a global scale. It seemed interesting to map women's labor strikes in technology manufacturing as one way to display their opposition to the use of the space around them and as a way to see a possible gendered nature of emerging trends in technology manufacturing.