photo by Todd Holoubek


Created by:
James Clar | Todd Holoubek | Cindy Jeffers | Danielle Lee

The LED cube is a working low-resolution prototype for a three-dimentional display unit. This project is a prototype for a high resolution three dimentional tool, which can be used to input a wide range of data types. This piece displays three-dimentionally silhouetted images taken from live video.


As three-dimentional imaging becomes more and more popular, a device that can display information spatially is imperative. A three-dimentional display unit will better represent data than flattened displays such as television, film, and print. The final product will use nanotechnology as light emitters which will be encased in a clear box to produce true three-dimentional images.

The project is composed of one thousand light emitting diodes or LEDs mounted in plexi-glass. An application written in the Java programming language processes live video from two cameras and sends a low resolution version of the video to two central microchips. These microchips distribute the video data to forty other microchips, which turn on the appropriate LEDs.

group photo